Mated for Life

UPDATE 7/15/19 
HE, was lost in a massive fire in late Aprl, 2019.  SHE survived
only because she was in my car on her way to be photographed.
SHE will have to tell me what she wants me to do with her now.

MATED for LIFE SKULLptures© 
Comprised of parts of real skulls, bones & found objects, and 
100% recycled materials. HE has embedded pieces that make
him decidedly the Male. Rusty bolts & cogs, antlers and glass 
( Lion ) eyes. SHE is his female mate and includes Vintage lace,
soft ribbons and yarns. HE was made first, and just for fun, has
a portion of a rib bone included.
Each is approximately 24" tall, freestanding, mounted on driftwood.
Currently on exhibition at the Artless Bastard for the "Critters" show.


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