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                         CRATER Merchandise New in 2019 and even Newer in 2020 ! 

                                                 Skulls, Bones, Jewelry, Mobiles, Dark art,
                                                        Odd little creatures and more !

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Spirit Bottles

Altered Bottles containing Natures Treasures, which include
tiny bones, feathers, teeth, Gratitude rocks, silver and gold
charms and rusty clock & watch parts
Available $23. - $35. ea,,


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Kitt Skull for Poster

              11x17 Framed & unframed Rags and Bones posters are available
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                        Wellington, Work in Progress
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Dem Bones

A small selection of jaw bones that have been organically dyed with homemade Walnut Inks. Pictures of the finished pieces will be posted so you can see what I do with them. Available at Rags and Bones Studio & Gallery
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UNBOUND was sold just weeks before a devastating fire that destroyed all
     her beautiful little companion Spirit Dolls in Spring of 2019

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Rat Girl...and Boy

Rat Girl ( SOLD ) and Rat Boy are made using found & recycled objects, bones, fur, new but made-to-look-used and old rat traps, Doll parts & anything else that would complete these pieces. 

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Elk, Deer, Muskrat

Hand dyed using homemade dyes and colors. Elk, buffalo, deer, muskrats & goat with a natural patina. Using walnuts, teas, coffee, beets and flowers makes for some interesting colors and hues!
Finished and unfinished bones, skulls and jaws are all available.

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Impala on Brass

       Real Skull (plate ) and Horns ~ 23" Tall, Freestanding SKULLpture ©.

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The Last Unicorn

     SOLD !
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