SKULLpture ©
Real Goat Skull, Cleaned, embellished and hand painted,
feathers, old watch parts, and an upside down clock face
on a wooden base, combined make for an original
unique piece of art ! Price has been drastically reduced, 
and this piece can be shipped 
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Chell SKULLpture ©
New in 2020 ! 
Approximately 7" tall x 10" long. Altered clay & real oyster shell wings.
Real Muskrat skull, hand painted, one of a kind!
Available and for sale

 ~ TOTEM ~
  SKULLpture ©
A series of animal skulls and bones,smallest being a mouse, includes a
muskrat, squirrel, turkey, bobkitty, deer, goat, raccoon, topped off with
my sculpted dragon. Approx 24" tall.Comes in a handmade glass & oak box,
lined with lace & vintage linens. Available and for sale

20" tall on hand painted copper base, Real skull, beads, chains, embroidered wings.
Well balanced, free standing, with a beautiful metallic brass/copper/jewel tone patina.
Available and on sale !

The Goddess Collection
New in 2020 !
This is the Matriarch. Lucite base, hand painted with iridescent Metallics, 
Black & gold lace bodice and wings of absolutely gorgeous Feathers, hint
of teal, violet and lavender wings. Free standing, Unique one of a kind !
Approx. 18" tall, The Matriarch is available and can be shipped!

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