Time for NEW ! Time to show you what I do, how I do it and why & why I have never considered my ART as non-essential. You will find a varied selection of my artworks that are for sale, and contact information if you have questions or would like something custom and personalized. 

Thank you for your patience and bearing with me over the last full year+ of unexpected and unprecedented occurrences that we have all endured. It is my hope that I can bring a few Wow! moments into your life with the help from lots of formerly living creatures, both big and small, that now have a little better chance of a second life through my Art. Important note: NO animals were harmed or killed for the purpose of my art pieces. I do my absolute best to ethically, morally, responsibly and legally source my bones and skulls and other materials. I firmly believe that no living thing should die ( or live ) in vain.

Thank you for supporting the Arts, the independents, the small businesses and know, without a doubt it Does make a difference !



                                                 In Private Collection

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